Door Finger Protector®

The world’s only modular door safety system, Door Finger Protector® by Safety Assured is designed specifically to meet the statutory (and reasonably practicable) requirements under Common Law Duty of Care and The Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974.

The shield system is designed to retain its convex shape thereby preventing injury or obstructing a closing fire door. Its fixings do not perforate fire rated doors and the shield can be safely extended to avoid restricting larger or wider opening doors.

Door Finger Protector® is unobtrusive, affordable and easy to maintain.


Hinge Cavity

There are two basic Door Finger Protector® hinge cavity products for:

Standard Doors (HC) or Large Doors (HCL)
Suitable for conventional doors with standard butt, rising butt or pivot hinges, including glass.

Non Standard Doors (HC-N)
All other door and frame types including PVCu, Crittall, steel, glass, aluminium, non-standard pivot hinge, bi-folding doors etc.

Most doors can be protected with a single Door Finger Protector® Hinge Cavity (HC/HCL) shield section, however the unique (patented) modular design allows the shield section to be extended safely to fit any door size.


Hinge Pin

The Hinge Pin side (HP) Finger Protector® is supplied in one size to fit all hinged doors with the exception of large parliament hinges. These however, can be shielded; call us for advice. Used in conjunction with Door Finger Protector® the risk of finger entrapment injuries on the hinged edge of doors is totally eliminated.

As with Door Finger Protector®, all types of doors including timber, metal and PVCu – as well as doors which open to 180 degrees, can be fitted with the hinge pin device.


Slide Safe®

Sliding doors also present a danger of finger and hand injury. Safety Assured Slide Safe® creates a safe gap between the door’s leading edge and the closing jam. Available in sizes depending on depth of door – SP45, SP50, SP55.

Slide Safe® has been designed primarily for external two-panel in-line sliding door systems, either left-hand or right-hand opening.

Slide Safe® is not intended for use with ’tilt and slide’ or ‘lift and slide’ door systems. For aluminium sliding door systems use ‘SP45’.

For PVCu or timber sliding door systems, measure the overall width of the frame and specify ‘SP50’ for door frames 73-110mm wide and ‘SP55’ for frames 120-150mm wide


Slam Stop®

The anti-door slam device works by locking itself when a door attempts to close at speed and with force. It then releases itself, enabling the door to slowly close fully. Alternative products that block full door closure are not recommended as they could be a potential hazard in the event of a fire. The Slam Stop® Handle Side system is supplied in one size to fit nursery/domestic doors and doors not using a door closer.

Slam Stop® is ideal for preventing injury on the handle side of doors. Designed primarily for use in child care centres and the home, Slam Stop® can also be effective in many other environments.

Simple and easy to install, Slam Stop® will work with most conventional framed doors and comes complete with fixings and fitting instructions.